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BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers

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Agents and Brokers Accreditation Standard


Background to Global Standard for Agents and Brokers standard


Food processing facilities have had BRC Global for Food Safety as an accreditation standard to attain for a long time, (indeed we are now upto Version 7).

Warehouses and distribution hubs have had BRC Storage & Distribution accreditation standard for a number of years as well.

Packaging suppliers have the packaging and packaging materials standard to attain this.

There has obviously been a gap in the food & packaging supply chain that is covered by Agents & Food Brokers.

The new Global Standard for Agents and Brokers Issue 1 is an accreditation standard aiming to fill this gap in the supply chain. The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers has been developed to provide a framework to manage product safety, quality and legality for businesses in the food and food packaging industries which buy, sell or facilitate the trade of products but do not process anything directly. As said before these companies play an essential role in the movement and trade of products and provide the final critical linkage in the food supply chain.

It is an obvious thing to say that Agent and Broker can have a major influence in product safety and quality standards at their suppliers and can have a direct say in an effective chain of traceability. Any Agents and Brokers whose activities include the importing of goods must ensure that any specific legal obligations with regard to the products which they import must maintain records which may later be requested by authorities or customers.

The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers offers such bodies the means to show off both their food safety & legislative excellence.


Scope of the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers


The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers details the requirements for companies in the food and/or food packaging supply chain that provide services for the purchase, importation or distribution of products.

The scope of certification shall cover all applicable operations at the company offices that is to be certificated.

The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers has a scope which is limited to product safety, quality and legality.

The accreditation standard lays out in detail the requirements for the systems of operation and services to ensure compliance is met.

The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers is specific to above requirements and does not cover other activities such as environmental, ethical or financial arrangements within business.

The scope of companies that may be certificated to the Standard

The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers is suitable for use by companies offering the services listed below:

  • Brokers: these are companies that purchase or ‘take title to’ products for resale to other companies but do not sell directly to the end user.
  • Agents or non-manufacturing service providers: companies that are any in between trading organisation who at no time own or take title to the goods.
  • Importers/exporters: businesses that facilitate the movement of products. Importers and exporters may also be agents and/or brokers.

The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers has a scope which covers certification for the following categories of products:

a) food products, including raw materials, processed foods, and fruit and vegetables

 b) food packaging materials – primary, secondary and tertiary materials, and raw materials for the manufacture of packaging materials

 c) pet foods for domestic animals.

The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers shall not apply to:

 a) consumer products

 b) livestock


Why is the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers relevant to you?


All processors, retailers & a growing number of end usurer’s/ consumers want to have complete confidence in the supply chain of any product supplied. The Global Standard for Agents and Brokers completes the safety & legality chain of supply & anyone attaining this will be able to offer assurance to both customer and end consumer for product integrity, safety and legality.

More and more retailers, processors or trade outlets will be requiring the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers as a prerequisite of supply.

So if you want to be ahead of the game don’t delay as your competitors won’t be!!!

AFQS Ltd. and the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers standard

AFQS Ltd. staff are well-known and respected installers of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution and BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials.

AFQS Ltd. staff have been installing Quality Management Systems (QMS) to meet above standards since they were first introduced & has an enviable success rate.


How do you achieve accreditation?


As a busy business you probably won’t have time or resource to install a QMS to meet the Global Standard for Agents and Brokers accreditation standard.

AFQS Ltd will, through our team of skilled Technical Managers:

1) do the system installation work for you at a pace that you are comfortable with, but with an end dead-line in mind

2) undertake supplier assessments

3) HACCP review & risk assessments

4) book the audit for you

5) attend audit (as required)

6) help close out subsequent non-compliances raised at audit

For Agents and Brokers who already have a QMS in-place we can undertake GAP analysis and fill in relevant gaps to meet Global Standard for Agents and Brokers standard.


How long will installation and accreditation take?


This is really up to you!!!

Typically we recommend a 3 to 6 month installation and accreditation cycle, (you have to have minimum 3 months worth’s of records for auditor to call on).

We can tailor an installation and accreditation to your needs.


Remember the more your commit to this

the better and quicker your accreditation.


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