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The British Retail Consortium (BRC) Food Safety standard was first developed in 1998 to provide a uniform food safety, legality and quality standard for companies either supplying retailer branded food products or into food service providers. The purpose was to introduce a uniform standard of process management with each sector of manufacturing. To achieve uniformity to set the standard and remove potential bias, audits were to be undertaken by independent bodies, themselves regulated by an internationally recognised organisation, UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).

The standard was drawn up in the main by UK regulatory bodies, UK supermarkets and leading food industry processors. Specialist consultants were brought in to assist them in their fulfilment of legal obligations towards the protection of the consumers. The food safety standard encompasses fundamental principles detailed in the food safety act and also draws from retailer's own standards.

The BRC standard is recognised by the majority of supermarkets, leading processors, and food service companies. The food safety standard is being used as a vehicle to approve a supplier, indeed in many instances, it is a required standard to supply certain companies.

The BRC food safety standard is being adopted not only in the UK but also worldwide as it is seen as an entry into premium UK markets.


One of its initial advantages was that it could reduce the number of audits of an accredited producer and allow all parties to concentrate on other areas (e.g. product development).

Due to copyright reasons, we are unable to provide copies of the Standard but details of how to obtain a copy of the relevant BRC TECHNICAL STANDARD & INSPECTION PROTOCOL are available on their website under the section 'guides'.

A limited number of accredited companies are approved to undertake audits and issue certificates against the BRC Standard. Whilst


AFQS Ltd and the BRC Food Safety Standard


As BRC specialist consultants AFQS Ltd works totally independently of the verification organisations.  AFQS Ltd role is to advise or offer guidance to companies as to what they need to do to progress towards the completion of a successful BRC audit.

The work we can do for you is as follows:

  • A one-off 'MOT' audit of your systems to assess how close you are to the required standard.
  • Help your technical staff up-grade your food quality and safety system to the BRC standard.
  • Undertake a more comprehensive re-build of a system for you and train appropriate staff.
  • Completely install a food quality and safety system to the BRC Standard and train appropriate staff.

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