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After months of hard work we now have a online training solution that gives our customers the best building platform.

Welcome to AFQS Limited.

AFQS Limited specialise in food safety technical consultancy, Technical Management, and BRC food standard system installation, with an emphasis on BRC Standard for Food Safety V8, BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution V3 and BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers V2

AFQS Limited's attention to service and detail, (for both general technical management and BRC accreditation), has made us an industry leader. With our extensive expertise in nearly all areas of food processing and related services to choose from, we are sure to match your requirements.

If you have problems that need resolution, queries about what accreditation you should go for, require auditing of the supplier or move your business to next level of technical expertise, our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance. We're looking forward to working with you!”

Technical               Management

The essential core business of AFQS Ltd


AFQS Ltd has successfully supplied part time and interim technical management to numerous companies throughout the UK.

This has given both established and developing companies the opportunity to safe guard existing business and also progress towards new markets.

The customer’s technical requirements can be satisfied in the most cost effective manner. AFQS Ltd experienced Technical Managers will work closely with the client to develop in house systems, train technical staff to a point where they can confidently undertake the work themselves.

We can provide technical back up which includes the following:

  • Development of specific Haccp systems.
  • Supplier assessment systems.
  • Customer liaison systems.
  • Development of Product Specifications.
  • Product design and development.
  • Audits of suppliers.
  • Development of full Food Quality and Safety Manuals.
  • Development and Training of Technical Staff.
  • Internal auditing of Quality systems.
  • Hygiene Management systems.




Technical                 Auditing 

AFQS Ltd has a team of experienced auditors with a wide range of food industry experience and expertise.

Audits have been conducted in all food industry sectors and all over the world.

We routinely audit:

  • Food Processors.
  • Ingredient Suppliers
  • Packaging Suppliers
  • Agents & Brokers
  • Ancillary Service Suppliers (Laundries, Chemical Suppliers etc.)
  • Food Manufacturing Chains
  • Farms

Our audit standards can be client led, BRC standard or to our own exacting standards.

All audits are followed by a detailed audit report and non-compliance list with suggested improvement timescales.


Hygiene Systems

AFQS Ltd works closely with the client to develop a unique hygiene system to meet the most exacting customer standards.

Hygiene staff can be trained to existing or new standards.

Hygiene monitoring can be introduced and improvement parameters built into any system.

Food Quality & Safety Systems

Food Quality & Safety Systems

Calling on the experience and expertise of its Technical staff, AFQS Ltd has developed a series of Food Quality and Safety Manuals that enables a processor/ manufacturer of food or ingredient, agent/ broker or storage/ distributor to meet the most exacting standards set by either the BRC standards or relevant customer standards.

Based on sound HACCP principles the Food Quality & Safety Manual complied with appropriate staff training will enable a processor/ manufacturer of food or ingredient, agent/ broker or storage/ distributor to gain further market access whilst protecting existing contracts.

Some of the areas covered by the Quality Management System would be:

  • A review of all suppliers, their accreditation, and relevant control systems.
  • Setting up or a review of customer complaints procedures and systems.
  • Product recall procedures.
  • Compilation of own label specifications.
  • HACCP reviews
  • Quality assurance auditing systems (intake, processing, and despatch).
  • Process control.
  • Microbiological testing regimes.
  • Personnel hygiene procedures and systems.
  • Factory hygiene procedures and systems.
  • Food defence & vulnerability assessments.
  • Process risk assessments.
  • Site & facility risk assessments.

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